Here’s What Happened at the 2018 EOS Client Conference

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I recently attended the 2nd Annual EOS Client Conference in Minneapolis. More than 600 people gathered from all over North America – representatives from companies as well as EOS Implementers. While many people were meeting each other for the first time, you wouldn’t know it. The entire weekend was more like a reunion of old friends, and the bond among them was instant.

If you missed the event, here’s what happened – with an early glimpse of the 2019 conference.

What Happened at the EOS Conference?

The theme I kept noticing throughout the two-day conference revolved around three main areas for companies that run on EOS: Connecting, Learning and Strengthening.


The conference was designed to connect leaders from different businesses all over the country. Extended breaks and networking time at meals provided opportunities to form new relationships with other EOS companies.

In many ways, these connections are more valuable than a typical network connection, because there’s a kind of kinship between EOS companies who have been through the same process, the same journey and the same challenges. They give you someone else to reach out to who knows exactly what you’re going through. I saw new friendships (and business opportunities) form within minutes.


There was no shortage of learning at this conference. It was jam-packed with breakout sessions that were interwoven between incredible keynotes. Speakers included EOS founder Gino Wickman, Vistage speaker Michael Allosso and Todd Sachse of Sachse Construction. There were at least a dozen deep-dive breakout workshops, as well.


The conference is designed to strengthen companies’ understanding of the EOS Tools and the journey to becoming your best:

  • Many companies sent multiple leadership team members. The conference gave these teams opportunities to build relationships outside of the office, to debrief together after breakout sessions, and to learn together as they connected with other attendees and EOS Implementers.
  • The client community was strengthened and encouraged. First-timers were amazed that there were so many other leaders just like them, going through the same things that they are going through on the journey of building their business.
  • Workshops and keynotes provided encouragement to many companies. They left the conference stronger and more committed to their own journey as a result.

Start Planning for the 2019 Conference Now!

The 2019 EOS Client Conference is coming May 2-3, 2019 in Atlanta. The 2018 conference sold out four months in advance, so now is the time to start planning! If you’re thinking about going, check out the website and add the 2019 EOS Conference to your Level 10 Issues list. IDS it with your leadership team and decide two things:

1) Should we attend?

2) If Yes, who should go? I recommend that you send your entire leadership team to maximize your Connecting, Learning and Strengthening.


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