3 Keys to Crystallizing Your Company’s Sweet Spot

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Company's Sweet Spot

While working with leadership teams of entrepreneurial companies, a vital step is getting the team to agree upon the company’s sweet spot—the Core Focus. The Core Focus answers two questions:

  1. Why does the company exist?
  2. What is the company’s niche?

When a team can identify and agree upon the answers to these two questions, decision making becomes much simpler and faster.

3 Criteria for Finding Your Core Focus

Many organizations struggle with crystallizing their sweet spot and getting agreement among all the leadership team members. You know your company’s sweet spot is clear when all three of these criteria are met. It’s where:

  1. The company makes the most money
  2. The team has the most fun
  3. Your clients are happiest

It’s not at a place that you hope to be in one day—it’s where this exists in your company today. Not everything your company does today will fit these criteria. Identify where this takes place within your company already and focus all your effort and energy on that sweet spot.

Ask Clarifying Questions

In a recent client session, all but one leadership team member, who was also an owner, was not fully bought into the proposed sweet spot. The Core Focus met the three criteria above, but he felt he still needed something else for it to hit home.

One of the leaders challenged him by asking, “If you were to fly to the moon, and the rest of the company kept plugging away and executing within the proposed Core Focus, would the company be as successful as you want it to be?” The answer was a resounding yes.

Is your company sweet spot clear?

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