5 Amazing Outcomes of Running a Great Business

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5 Amazing Outcomes of Running a Great BusinessA new year. A new beginning. Time to start afresh and anew.

For many leaders of entrepreneurial companies, the beginning of a new calendar year marks the resetting of goals and the creation of a new plan for the upcoming year. I’ve been working with several clients in their annual planning sessions over the past couple of months. While a new plan and a new set of goals are great outcomes of the sessions, I now see several client companies experiencing something on a much more impactful level.

Leadership teams are experiencing The EOS Life. What is the EOS Life?

1) You Do What You Love to Do…

Effectively delegate to your team so that you’re freed up to spend more time on what you truly love to do. This is also where you add the most value to the business.

2) …With People You Enjoy Working With

As a leader, you have the choice (and responsibility) to hire the right people and remove the wrong people. Leaders often forget that they can and need to choose who is on and off the team. You’ve got to build and protect your unique culture. When you get the Right People in the Right Seats, amazing things happen.

3) Your Company Sees More Profit

When #1 and #2 are being done consistently and effectively, as measured on a company scorecard, your business becomes more profitable with improved cash flow. You win, and the team wins.

4) Your Business Is More Effective

Your company’s purpose and niche (in EOS we call this “Core Focus”) is clearer than ever. As a result, your business is more efficient, more effective, and easier to manage. This positive impact can be felt among your clients, vendors, employees, and in the community.

5) You Find Time for Other Passions

Your company is running like a well-oiled machine, giving you time back in your day. Yes, that’s right—your vision is coming true, and you’re freed up to the point where you have time left over at the end of the day. Now you can finally explore and pursue other passions in life while running a great company.

I am humbled and grateful to help teams to create the business that they truly want, which enables them to experience the EOS Life.

What are you going to do this year to move one step closer to the EOS Life?

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