Being semi-retired: how to free up 600 hours per year

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Being semi-retired

This post was originally authored by Ken DeWitt and appeared on the Dewitt LLC blog.

I have a wonderful client who says, “Thank you! You’ve given me my life back!” practically every time I see him. He’s so happy, he referred one of his friends to me. That friend recently sent me this email:

So, I wanted to share the joke around the house… Dad is now semi-retired.


I’m not only home 2-3 hours earlier than normal, but my mind is free to focus on the family. Yesterday, I was home at 5:30 and used the extra time to play Monopoly with my 9 year old.


I know we have a very long way to go, but I cannot describe how it already feels. Our personnel problems are resolved! Our salesman loves his new position and the revenue reflects it! Employees have the accountability charts on their walls and really appreciate them.


My only concern at this point is can I survive without chaos? It does, in fact, feel a little awkward!  

I’d bet that most of can identify with the chaos he’s referring to. I’ve often said that a business should serve our lives, but our lives should NOT serve our businesses to the point that the business takes over. And this fellow has figured it out; two to three fewer hours per day means he now has 600 more hours a year to spend with his family!

So what have these two done to make such a remarkable difference in their lives? They envied other entrepreneurs who have well-balanced lives, and they both proactively sought out the assistance of a coach who could help them get there. One was so happy with the results in his own life, he referred the other to the same solution, which in this case was the system I teach, and I was honored to help them both develop outstanding leadership teams that shoulder more of the burden for them.

Get Your Life Back

Not having someone to help him figure these kinds of things out was part of what took my own father to an early grave forty years ago.

Because of him, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people escape from this all-too-common type of modern slavery. That’s why I’ll speak to any group of entrepreneurs, talk to any company that wants to have a better life for all: the entrepreneur, the senior leaders, in fact, all employees. I’ll tell them various ways to do it.  It doesn’t have to be my way, although it is a good one.

The point is this: there are systems and coaches out there who can help you get your life back. Pick one and get started!

Life Is Simply Too Short to Be Missed Because of Work

If you’d like to be semi-retired, you can start by taking this Organizational Checkup. In less than five minutes, these 20 questions can  identify which aspects of your business need work and show you some best practices for strengthening them.

If you’re feeling consumed by the business that was supposed to help you and your family have a better life, what’s stopping you from getting help? Do it now, and let someone show you how to make that promise a reality for yourself and the people you love.

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