Why You Should Never Ignore Silence in a Meeting

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Assumptions are one of the most dangerous things on a business leadership team. Why? Because no one knows what you’re thinking. At the beginning of the session, I tell teams that my expectations of them for the day are to be open and honest in the moment. Doing this “in the moment” is crucial to building team health.

What If Your Issues List Isn’t Working?

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Some time ago, a client of mine had a ridiculously long Issues List that was getting out of control. They never seemed to be making progress on resolving their issues – in fact, their issues seemed to be exploding! EOS® promises to help you solve your company’s issues for good. Over time, you should be seeing fewer issues and gaining …

11 Techniques Successful Leaders Use to Run Effective Meetings

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A part of the journey for leadership teams to become their best is learning to run highly effective weekly meetings using the Level 10 Meeting Agenda. During these meetings, I’m often a “fly on the wall,” just observing. Recently, I observed a tooling company that has become incredibly productive during their weekly meetings. After the meeting, I gave them some …