GPS Session Room for EOS leadership team meetings

The EOS® Session Room Designed to Make You Feel Like You Matter

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I’ve facilitated quarterly and annual sessions in just about every hotel room, casino and conference center in the Detroit area. They all have some exciting features that leadership teams enjoy, but every one of them leaves something to be desired, as well. Sometimes the temperature isn’t right, the table is too small or the chairs aren’t comfortable. The room is too small or too large. They may serve coffee and water but not tea, or they don’t offer healthy snacks.

Those details make an enormous difference in an all-day session, and they don’t foster the kind of creativity that you need to make strategic decisions about your company. For years, I’ve wanted to provide a higher quality experience for my EOS clients—and I’m finally able to do that.

I’m excited to introduce the new GPS Session Room exclusively for EOS® clients. It’s a beautiful, safe, spacious place where leadership teams can be comfortable, get creative and relax as they make important decisions about their business. The Session Room provides a bright, comfortable atmosphere where you can work on your business without distraction.

Let me show you around.

The GPS Session Room

comfortable seating, EOS wall displays and stocked bookshelf

As the room was being designed, I paid special attention to the smallest details: the size of the table, the comfort of the chairs, lots of whiteboard space, lighting and color. Comfortable, stuffed chairs line the side of the room and there’s a high-top table in the back for people who need to stand.

Graphics on the walls help encourage ideas and remind teams of EOS principles. One of my favorites is “Do less, better”—because every team is tempted to try to do more than they’re capable of. My Core Values are displayed for clients to know who I am, and what I care about and value most, and the basis for my decision making. It also gives teams an example for their own businesses. There’s also a giant mural of the Detroit skyline occupying one wall.

And, of course, I can stock the room with the food you request. I always keep healthy snacks on hand to maintain energy. Beverages include water, coffee and tea. There’s also wine and beer for celebrating successes.

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The Session Room Experience

EOS Session Room with whiteboards

The Session Room was designed for leadership teams of entrepreneurial companies, like yours. It gives you a customized space all your own so you can craft what you want for your business, and then execute on that. The space fosters rich brainstorming, and it’s easy to capture all your thoughts on the whiteboards all around the room.

I hope the room will be a source of inspiration for your team, where you can imagine what your company can do and accomplish. The environment is designed to get your team into a mindset that helps you engage issues creatively and with a fresh mindset. As Nancy Kline says in her book Time to Think, “Thinking Environments are places that simply say back to the people, ‘You matter.’” The key to designing the Session Room is not to make it look fancy, but to communicate to the people who sit in that they matter.

All of my clients have loved the Session Room experience. When teams come here they comment on the graphics. Some clients got so excited that they took pictures of the acrylics to show the others back at the office.

Most of all, I hope for each of my clients to love the space and feel like they’re being taken care of, and that they matter. When they come here, they don’t have to think about the room at all or worry about logistical details—they can simply focus on their business. I want leadership teams to feel relaxed and creative, so they can get ideas out of their heads and move their businesses forward.

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The GPS Session Room is located in Southfield, Michigan. Access is very convenient, just off the exit at I-696 and Telegraph Road. The next time your leadership team needs to meet off-site, I hope you’ll schedule a time to meet here. You won’t be disappointed!

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