How to Learn What’s Really Going on in Your Company

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How to Learn What’s Really Going on in Your Company

Want to resolve problems fast? Then hold consistent weekly meetings.

Regular weekly meetings with your leadership team—and with all departments—exposes problems and opportunities and gives you the chance to solve them quickly. (In EOS, these problems and opportunities are called issues.)

Establishing the Pulse of Your Weekly Meetings

The key is being consistent and faithful. That means every week, you:

1) Use the same meeting agenda

2) Meet at the same place

3) Meet at the same day and time

4) Start on time

5) End on time

Before implementing this “meeting pulse,” issues can linger for weeks, months, sometimes even years without your leadership team even knowing about them. Now, because you’re having weekly meetings throughout the entire company, issues—the truth—is exposed throughout the company within 7 days. There isn’t a week that goes by without issues being exposed.

Top 3 Transformations from Weekly Meetings

Here are the top 3 benefits of having every department meet consistently every week.

1) You’re All on the Same Page

This eliminates the need to have numerous one-on-one conversations throughout the week trying to get everyone on the same page. Now, because everyone is connected through weekly meetings, the regular communication keeps everyone aligned and on the same page.

2) More Time for Real Work

At first most people’s first reaction is, “We don’t have time for meetings every week.” Ultimately, what they realize after just a few weeks of meetings, is that interruptions throughout the week greatly diminish—now that everyone has a consistent place, day and time to bring their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

3) People Do What They Commit To Publicly

To-Dos, known as 7-day action items, come out of every single meeting. Build a review of last week’s To-Dos right into the agenda, along with who owns each To-Do. Having a commitment that others have witnessed creates a higher level of accountability to the entire team. No one wants to show up to a meeting without doing what they said they would do—so it raises the bar for everyone in the room.

Key Takeaways

Download the Level 10 Meeting Agenda and set the day, time and place—starting with your leadership team meetings. Make sure everyone on your team has it in their calendars, and hit “Repeat Forever.” Stay consistent, follow the 5 points above and in just a few weeks you’ll notice that you have fewer interruptions, your meetings are more productive, and your team is solving more issues than ever before—getting more done.

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