What Does It Take to Succeed with EOS?

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Every good endeavor has a cost. Whether it’s finances, time or resources, success takes significant investment. Usually, business leaders know the cost and they’re willing to do what’s needed to take their businesses to the next level. But there’s another cost besides money, time and resources. For companies that run EOS, the investment is more precious and more personal.

Many teams get excited about the idea of implementing EOS, but not everyone is ready to do it. It takes a certain mindset that the entire leadership team must commit to. Specifically:

  • People First, Team First Company culture – having a people centric focus, being genuinely appreciative and respectful towards each other and other people. Salt of the earth type of people.
  • No Nonsense Here – willing to be open, honest and vulnerable in the moment – and willing to tackle the tough stuff, putting your own ego aside
  • Serious about Change – Willing to follow the process without taking short cuts, having a work ethic that inspires others
  • Not About the Money – having a mentality of wanting to be the best at what you do – eager to learn and grow. Driven to improve lives and make a difference, knowing when everything is aligned with this – profits will follow….not the other way around.

This is the mindset of my ideal EOS client.

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Not Everyone Is Ready for EOS

Unfortunately not every leadership team fits this description. For example, I had to fire one team that had started the EOS Process with me. On the surface they appeared to have a very people-first culture. They also said they were willing to tackle the tough stuff and that they were serious about change. They seemed eager to follow the process, and they said they wanted to be the best at what they do. For them, success didn’t seem to be about the money.

But as we got into the process, it was clear that the key leader wasn’t truly willing to be open, honest and vulnerable. He pushed everyone else to do so, but when it came time to tackling issues that required him to do the tough stuff and put his own ego aside, he became visibly angry. This behavior would shut down any productive conversation we’d had until that point. He wanted everyone else to change, but he wasn’t willing to change himself. He wasn’t appreciative or respectful.

There Is No Magic Pill for Success

Some people get excited about implementing EOS because of the great results that other companies have achieved. They’re attracted to the shiny object. The difference is that organizations that achieve the best results in the least amount of time are already demonstrating the behaviors, qualities and beliefs of the ideal client mindset. They’re willing to do the tough stuff and lead by example.

It’s kind of like going to the doctor when you’re sick. Some people wait until they are very sick. Then they finally throw their hands up and go to the doctor, expecting the doctor to heal them. They think that just by going to the doctor they will be healed. But they don’t really get better, because they weren’t willing to change their own behaviors on a daily basis.

Implementing EOS is very similar. If you view EOS as the magic pill that’s going to make everything better, you won’t get the results you’re hoping for. You will need to do the tough stuff on your journey toward becoming your best. You will need to change your behaviors and lead by example—being open, honest and vulnerable yourself.

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What Success Looks Like

Here’s a video about the success one team experienced. This team embodies all of the qualities of an ideal team—and as a result, they have generated incredible results.

Is your entire leadership team ready to invest into EOS and do the tough work? If you’ve got the ideal client mindset, schedule a 15-minute discovery call. Find out how I can help your company get to the next level.


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