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Working During the Holidays? How to Leave Work at Work.

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Congratulations! You made it to the end of 2018. Whether your business broke all-time sales records or nearly bottomed out, you’re here. And that’s cause for celebration.

It’s fitting that the year ends with promises of peace and joy, and glad tidings to all. There is no better way I can think of than to end a year by spending time by the fire with my wife, watching as the silent snow descends upon the treetops. Time slows down as the year winds down. It gives me the space I need to reset before jumping into the new year.

As you read this, I’m spending the week getting together with close friends and family. My wife Jill and I have carved out intentional time to be close with the people we don’t get to spend much time with. This truly is a time for peace on earth, enjoying family and taking time off work—

Wait. Time off work? Why are you reading this article if you’re enjoying time off work??

Not Living the Entrepreneurial Life?

Gino Wickman developed the Entrepreneurial Operating System® so that entrepreneurial business leaders could get what they want out of their businesses. EOS® was designed so that you could finally live the entrepreneurial lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. But most business leaders aren’t living that kind of life (yet).

If you’re reading this article during the holidays, that’s a sign that you aren’t getting what you want from your business. You’re sneaking into the office or spending chunks of your day on your laptop, tending to issues that can’t wait.

Meanwhile, your family time gets sidelined. Instead of entrepreneurial freedom, you’re likely feeling like a slave to your business. Your company doesn’t run itself, and you’re spending your holiday vacation keeping it from falling into organizational chaos.

Enjoy Vacations Again!

What if you could let go for one week? What if you could enjoy seven full days of holiday time with family, and leave the business behind until January 2? Imagine traveling for the holidays—without your laptop—and being fully present with your family as you create lasting memories. Imagine coming back to work after the holidays, refreshed and recharged, filled with an enthusiasm to tackle the new year.

EOS lets you structure the life you want to have. It provides a way to find time for passions in life. As your company begins to run like a well-oiled machine, you’ll find more time in your day. More importantly, you’ll recover your evenings and weekends. You can finally explore and pursue other passions in life while running a great company!

Too many entrepreneurs have lost sight of their life’s dream. Rather than enjoying the entrepreneurial lifestyle, they’re working themselves to the bone. But business leaders that implement EOS are achieving their ideal entrepreneurial lives. You can too.

Make Family First

Protect your family as your top priority. There will be times when legitimate business responsibilities demand your attention, but they should be the exception, not the norm. That’s why my wife and I started the Purposeful Family Manager—to help entrepreneurial leaders reclaim their family lives.

Don’t take my word for it—watch these short videos of what actual clients are saying about implementing EOS in their organizations. Not only are these clients working fewer hours, but they’re taking more vacations—and longer vacations. They are truly disconnecting from work while on vacation, and they return to work much more effective in the business as a result.

If this resonates with you and you want to see how to implement these tools in your business, schedule a quick discovery call with me to see how EOS can help your business run itself.

Now stop reading this article and go enjoy your family!