How to Live the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle You’re Dreaming Of

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If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you started your business with the goal of living the ideal entrepreneurial lifestyle. You wanted the freedom that comes from a business that runs itself so that you could enjoy the good lifewhatever that might look like for you.

But instead of entrepreneurial freedom, you feel like a slave to your business. It doesn’t run itself, and you’re spending all of your energy to keep it from organizational chaos.

EOS® is designed to help you achieve the entrepreneurial lifestyle you dream of. Combine these seven practical disciplines and the simple tools of EOS to enjoy the good life that comes from a business that runs itself.

Get Your Leadership Team Aligned

If your leadership team doesn’t have alignment, you’ll constantly be spinning your wheels as each team member tries to pull the organization in a different direction. But with a tightly aligned team, your entire company will naturally drive itself toward a common set of goals with a common vision. You’ll find that your company is running itself on a day-to-day basis, freeing you up to focus on vision, culture, and long-term goals.

The EOS Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™) is your greatest tool to align your leadership team, and your entire company. The V/TO gives you a practical framework to identify your company vision, core values, and long- and short-term goals. It’s your company’s North Star.

Share Your Vision Ad Nauseum

If you’re not sharing your vision for your company, then you’ll be the only one who is working towards it. It’s not enough for your leadership team to be aligned – your entire company needs to be moving in the same direction.

Share your vision, then share it again, and keep sharing it. Don’t ever stop. People need to hear a message as many as seven times before it registers. And when it comes to long-term goals and vision, they also need to be reminded. New hires need to be hearing it. The importance and weight of your vision need to sink in.

You might get sick of hearing yourself communicating your vision, but it will transform your business into a company that runs itself and gives you the freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestylerather than putting in 80 hours a week to fight against the current of your company.


You know you need to delegate, but you’re having a hard time letting go of the responsibilities you’ve taken on. The most effective leaders, and the happiest entrepreneurs, don’t take on tasks that others should be doing.

Take a look at your daily, weekly, and monthly activities and ask yourself if they really fit in your wheelhouse. If you don’t love it AND don’t do it well, you shouldn’t be holding on to it. Find someone else in your company to pass it off to. If you need to transition it to them over time, agree on a time frame. But don’t keep it on your plate any longer.

The entrepreneurial freedom you dream of will never be realized by clinging to the wrong tasks.

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End Useless Meetings

Most meetings are a waste of time and money. Between the side discussions, lack of agenda, unclear decisions, and a dozen other pointless habits, the majority of company meetings only add burdens.

That doesn’t mean you should have fewer meetingsin fact, you might need more meetings. But it does mean you need to trim the fat and make meetings worthwhile. Productive, world-class meetings free up your time as a leader and give you the freedom to enjoy your company and your life!

Check out these top tips to make meetings worthwhile.

Say No

Every entrepreneur knows that the world is full of opportunity – and opportunities for your company are waiting behind every corner. It can be incredibly tempting to take on new possibilities and projects, but the more you say Yes to new opportunities, the more you’re saying No to your company’s vision and goals.

If it doesn’t help you achieve your company’s goals, if it doesn’t align with your Core Focus, then your answer is clear: No. But if it does fit, then ask your leadership team to help you figure out who the opportunity should belong to. Chances are, it’s not you.

The more you get used to saying No to opportunities, the more freedom you’ll find for yourself, and the greater success your company will achieve in the long run.

Eat, Sleep, and Exercise Well

Successful and happy business leaders are the leaders who make it a priority to take care of themselves. They don’t eat fast food or fill their bodies with energy drinks. They don’t deprive themselves of sleep and try to run a company on Empty. They carve out a regular time for exercise to stay healthy and reduce stress.

When you care for your physical and mental needs, you make it possible to be your best at work – and to enjoy the entrepreneurial life you’re working so hard for.

Keep Family First

The entrepreneurial life is a life in balance. Leaders who sacrifice family for work will never experience the freedom that comes from a business that runs itself. Instead, they are run by their business, and they miss out on the joys that a successful business should afford.

Protect your family as your top priority. There will be times when legitimate business responsibilities demand your attention, but they should be the exception, not the norm.

Discover the Entrepreneurial Life

Too many entrepreneurs have lost sight of their life’s dream. Rather than enjoying the entrepreneurial lifestyle, they’re working themselves to the bone. But if you follow these key habits of effective business leaders, you can achieve your ideal entrepreneurial life.

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