Quarterly Video Check-in

August 2018: Learn more about the EOS Life for your company.

Going from good to great is life changing, but it isn’t easy. When your team fully embraces the EOS tools to become open, honest and vulnerable with one another, you will start to live the EOS Life. Watch this video to find out more about the EOS life—and about the critical role your Integrator must play for your team to go from good to great. Read More

May 2018: Tools to boost company growth in 2018.

Creating great chemistry with the relationships on your team is an essential ingredient in taking your company to the next level. To do that, you’ve got to have great chemistry with your EOS Implementer on the journey of growing your business. If you’re looking to implement EOS in your business, or you know of someone who is considering implementing EOS, choosing the right Implementer makes all the difference.. Read More

February 2018: Tools to boost company growth in 2018.

We’re already midway through the first quarter of 2018—your leadership team should have all of their vacations for the next 12 months blocked on your calendar by now. It might seem strange, but in the video below I explain how it will help boost your company’s growth in 2018. Read More

November 2017: Tools to generate more profits in 2018.

We’re nearing the end of 2017. Has your business exceeded your profit expectations this year? If not, pay special attention to this quarter’s Check-In video, where I share effective resources and examples of how teams cut through tension to make the right decision for their business, even when it was really difficult. Read More

August 2017: Resources to transform your team and company.

Many business leaders don’t want to slow down for fear of stopping their team. In this month’s Check-in, I’m sharing resources on the power of slowing down to course-correct your team. You’ll also discover how one of my clients saw their struggling company do a 180 when they rolled out EOS. Plus, find out how to get an upcoming EOS book and some great resources you’ll want to get ahold of!. . . . …..Read More

July 2017: Free yourself up, disconnect and rejuvenate on vacation.

Many business leaders aren’t disciplined about disconnecting from work while on vacation. Some don’t even take vacations. Watch this video to see how successful business leaders can be intentional about vacation time and truly disconnecting. For them, it’s not just a benefit or privilege of running a business, it’s a necessity. . . . …..Read More

June 2017: Are you the right person to lead your company? Simple tools to gain clarity.

It’s more common than you may think for business leaders to deal with Imposter Syndrome. But EOS has some simple and powerful assessment tools that will help you to learn more about yourself as a leader. . . . …..Read More

May 2017: Tools to help your team become their best.

Intentionally getting in a positive frame of mind—along with understanding differences among your team members—will help your team work together much more effectively. In this check-in video, I share a great way to make your meetings more productive, along with key assessments that help thousands of teams on the journey to becoming their best. . . …..Read More

April 2017: Take Your Company to Its Best.

Positive motivation, combined with clear accountability, generates results and reduces stress. In this check-in video, I share the story of one family business that transformed their company on the journey of becoming their best—doubling their business in the process and fixing their work/life balance. And you’ll hear from another client who speaks very candidly about their successes and challenges on the journey of implementing EOS. . . …..Read More

March 2017: Overcome burnout – slow down to go fast.

Discover the symptoms of burnout and how to overcome it. To move your business forward, it’s critical to have clarity on the fewer, essential priorities. By getting clear on what’s important, your team is also deciding what you’re not going to do – and to park those things on the long term issues list. . . …..Read More

February 2017: An easy way to be open and honest with your team.

Find out how to make it more fun for teams to get to the truth faster. Honesty can be uncomfortable and the truth can sting. But this video shares a fun way to tackle the uncomfortable stuff. . …..Read More

January 2017: Increase your revenue without increasing your employees.

Find out how some clients discovered a way to grow their revenue with fewer people. They’re doing it using a resource to educate their employees internally. …..Read More

December 2016: Client Testimonial Videos and Resources.

Want to know what clients are saying about how they’ve transformed their businesses? Hear their success stories below, and check out this month’s check-in video for how teams with longevity—including family businesses—learn something new about each other during Annual Planning…..Read More

November 2016: Discover powerful ways companies are improving team health.

Building a healthy team isn’t easy and it’s often overlooked by many companies.  Find out what some teams are doing to improve their team’s health….Read More

October 2016: Feeling overwhelmed? Pause. Breathe. Do this with your business.

Sometimes you’re overwhelmed and too busy, so the easy option is to cancel your quarterly session. But before you do that, find out what one team accomplished as a result of not canceling their session when the going got tough….Read More

September 2016: When EOS isn’t easy to implement, some helpful resources

EOS implementers often say that EOS principles are simple, but they’re not easy. Growing a healthy business is hard work, but I’ve got some thoughts and resources that are sure to encourage you and give you some extra help as your team moves forward with EOS…Read More

August 2016: Exclusive Invitation: Business Traction Forum (plus resource links)

This month I’m going to shake it up a little and check in with you in four areas, instead of two: 1) one thing personal, 2) one thing professional, 3) one thing on the horizon, 4) one thing worth sharing…Read More

July 2016: Why some teams keep falling short of their goals while other teams succeed

In recent client sessions, I’ve noticed that some teams are consistently hitting their goals, making huge progress quarter after quarter. On the other hand, some teams have been consistently falling short of their quarterly priorities. Why is this? Watch this short video message to see how falling short of completing your priorities can now be a thing of the past…Read More