The Simple Secret to Becoming Your Best

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When I begin the journey of implementing EOS with an entreprenurial company, I ask the leadership team if they’re willing to become their best. Without even thinking about it, they instinctively want to answer “yes.” After all, who wouldn’t want to become their best?

But the truth is, becoming your best as a leadership team isn’t easy.

Thanks to a tip from Don Tinney, co-founder of EOS Worldwide, I have been starting each of my client sessions with the statement, “Become your best,” and then proceeding to explain two key points how each session is designed to help the leadership team on the journey of becoming their best.

1) Clarify What You Want

At first glance, this statement seems so simple that people often overlook it and rush past it. But it’s crucial to slow down and get the entire leadership team really clear and energized around what they want from their business. Is there a difference between pretty clear and really clear? If you wear glasses, then you know the answer to that question.

During every session with a leadership team, we spend about an hour reviewing their Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™), which contains eight questions that they’ve answered to get their company vision crystal clear. We not only review what their answers are, but more importantly why those answers matter to them personally.

This process gets the team really clear on their vision, which is essential for leading everyone else in the organization and providing a united front. This then provides the opportunity for improving employee performance througout the company.

Now everyone can rally around the same goal, spending all of their energy in the same direction.

2) Get What You Want

We get really clear on the 3-7 most imporant goals for the year. Teams that commit to just a few important goals make more progress towards their vision faster. It’s critical to not only decide what the goals are, but also make each of the goals SMART.

With the annual goals set, we get the team really clear on the 3-7 Rocks for the next 90 days. Thes are the most important things the team must make progress on for the company to overcome key obstacles and pursue opportunities to keep that one-year plan on track.

As you’re completing your Rocks, there are often obstacles that must be overcome and opportunities that must be pursued. We simply refer to these as “issues.” Uncover and agree on the issues that are getting in your way.

Another essential component of a clear plan is having agreed-upon roles and responsibilities for each seat on the leadership team and throughout the company. And use the Accountability Chart™ and the People Analyzer™ to ensure that everyone is the Right Person in the Right Seat (RPRS).

Becoming Your Best

Becoming your best isn’t easy. When the leadership team is really clear on your company vision and the plan of how to achieve the vision, this is the foundation for improving employee performance throughout the company. Is your team ready to become your best?

Find out how EOS can help your team become their best. Schedule a 90-Minute Meeting to see the difference it can make in your company.


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