5 Simple Tools that End Business Frustrations

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Thousands of entrepreneurial business leaders have read the Entrepreneurial Operating SystemⓇ books, downloaded the EOSⓇ tools, and are implementing the tools without help from a Certified EOS Implementer. But many of them continue to be frustrated because they’re still not getting everything they want from their businesses.

Last week I presented a half-day workshop for business leaders who wanted to learn how to use the EOS Tools under the purest context so they could get the most out of their business.

Throughout the day a common theme emerged. The EOS Tools are incredibly simple, but not easy. The distinction between these two words is important. Simple means not difficult to understand—not complex. Easy means free from pain, trouble, or worry.

5 Tools for Simple Business Solutions

Here are the five biggest takeaways the business leaders shared from the workshop.

  1. Vision shared by all – Attendees felt that everyone on their team isn’t pulling equal weight. Feeling like a select few carry the bulk of the workload for the many in the company. An essential tool to overcome this is by capturing the company vision and plan in writing by answering 8 simple questions is the Vision/Traction Organizer.
  2. Structure with clear roles and responsibilities – Many business leaders felt that accountability is lacking. It’s frustrating when roles and responsibilities aren’t clearly defined and agreed upon. Duplicated efforts and dropped responsibilities are common. The Accountability Chart is cited as the most overlooked tool because this was taken for granted by most business leaders. It’s not a coincidence that this is the area causing the most frustration for the business leaders in the room.
  3. Effective meeting pulse – Attendees felt that many of their meetings have been a waste of time and unproductive. They were also frustrated because trying to schedule meetings that appeases everyone’s schedule can quickly turn into a nightmare. The Level 10 Meeting agenda is an essential tool to running effective meetings. Use this agenda along with following 5 keys to a healthy meeting pulse to create a productive meeting rhythm.
  4. Numbers – Many cited the frustration of not having an absolute pulse on the business through their data. One leader mentioned they have 10 great months every year and two horrific months—and the problem is that they never seem to know in advance which months will be great vs. horrific.  Using a weekly scorecard to measure 5-10 leading indicators to get an absolute pulse on the business is critical to overcoming this frustration. Measuring the right numbers on your weekly scorecard can also help you predict your cash flow needs.
  5. 90-day priorities – Several attendees felt like everyone is busy, but not focused on the right priorities. Even if your people are working on the things they think are important, those things may not be the most important priorities for the company right now. Meeting with your leadership team offsite to agree upon your 3-7 Rocks (90 day priorities) once a quarter will save you time by ensuring everyone’s energy, effort, and time are spent in the right areas at the right time.

Finding Real Simple Results

The 5 EOS Tools mentioned above help you focus on 3 things: Real. Simple. Results.

REAL. The EOS Tools come from the real world. They’re honed, tested, tried, and proven. The tools have been implemented in more than 2,700 entrepreneurial organizations with the help of 160+ Professional EOS Implementers.

SIMPLE. EOS tools are simple stuff. They’re crazy simple. If you’re one of those smart people that is so complex – thinking that there’s got to be more to this – there isn’t! If you’re offended by simplicity, EOS is definitely NOT for you.

RESULTS. Each of the EOS tools have been carefully designed to work together in the simplest, most effective way possible—all with the focus of getting you the results you want from your business the fastest way possible.

Pick just one of the 5 tools listed above and start working on it in your business. Don’t pick more than one because if you do, it will be too overwhelming and you won’t do anything. Once you and your team get good at that tool, introduce another tool.

Need a trusted advisor to help you implement EOS and use the tools? Let’s talk!


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