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Break Out of “Business as Usual” in 2019!

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The year is off to a great start for your company, but is your leadership team back to your old ways again?

With the beginning of a new year comes new business goals. Whether it’s course-correcting from missing last year’s goals, or building on last year’s successes – the new year is a great time to reevaluate and decide the most important priorities for the year.

Without an operating system for your business, how do you keep your business goals front and center? In a recent introductory meeting with a leadership team, I asked them what about their most important goals to accomplish this year. I heard different answers from each of the leaders in the room. Yikes. While the spirit of goal-setting was there, without an operating system for their business, they were quickly falling back to their old ways.

It’s like Groundhog Day every year: it’s the same cycle, with the same results. Business as usual.

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The EOS® Meeting Pulse™

New goals demand behavior and habit changes throughout the organization. The EOS Meeting Pulse provides a consistent forum for accountability, Traction®, team health and results. It also keeps your team’s agreed-upon priorities (goals and Rocks) front and center throughout the year. Here’s how the Meeting Pulse works.

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The Annual Planning Session

Once a year, the leadership team comes together for a two-day annual planning to reflect on the past year and most recent quarter – learning from what worked and what didn’t work. Taking time to celebrate wins and learn from them is just as critical as learning from what didn’t work. The Annual Planning Session provides an opportunity to strengthen team health and to get really clear on the vision for the organization over the next ten years, three years, one year, and the next 90 days.

Quarterly Sessions

Every 90 days, the leadership team steps of the business to work on it. This discipline ensures that the team is focused and prioritizing their time in alignment with the vision for the organization and the goals for the year. It provides space for the team to course-correct and reprioritize their time to the most important activities over the upcoming 90 days.

Weekly Level 10 Meetings™

Every week, the leadership team comes together to ensure their Rocks, numbers, and People are on track for the current quarter. The Level 10 meeting provides a common language and framework for ensuring that everyone is on the same page about the most important priorities. It also provides space for solving issues that are blocking anyone’s path towards their Rocks for the quarter.

The Meeting pulse is most effective when you follow the five rules of healthy meetings. Each meeting:

  1. Uses the same agenda
  2. Occurs on the same day
  3. Starts at the same time
  4. Starts on time
  5. Ends on time

The Meeting Pulse becomes the heartbeat of the business that each member of the leadership team relies upon. And that is incredibly freeing, because it means there is a time and place to address any type of issue without it falling through the cracks.

No More Business as Usual

The Meeting Pulse is critical to keeping your company out of the business-as-usual cycle. Empower your leadership team to achieve all of your business goals in 2019. Take the first step towards implementing EOS at your company. Schedule a call to find out how I can help you do that.