Taking the Office with You on Vacation?

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Taking the office with you on vacation

Did you have trouble disconnecting from the grind on your last vacation? Did you find it hard to enjoy the long holiday weekend? Could you relax? I mean truly relax, where you fully disconnected from work.

Technology makes it difficult to disconnect. Our phones, a.k.a. electronic tethers, are fully equipped with texts, reminders, emails, and the occasional phone call/voicemail. Most of us are plugged in all the time, perhaps to the point where we’re beginning to forget how to turn it off.

When we are constantly in Plugged-In mode, we condition ourselves to be reactive—reacting to emails, reacting to voicemails, and reacting to reminders that we’ve preset.

How can you get out of this firefighting mode and get ahead? How do you become more proactive and less reactive?

Finding a Pulse to Disconnect

In my client sessions, electronics are not allowed for this very reason. It’s too distracting. The EOS process is designed to help leadership teams to become their best. It all starts with understanding the value of disconnecting from the day-to-day—getting out of the business so that you can work ON the business. It may seem overwhelming at first, but once your team gets into a rhythm of disconnecting at regular intervals, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

This rhythm is known as the EOS meeting pulse. There are three parts to a healthy meeting pulse:

  1. Annual Goal Planning (offsite)
  2. Quarterly Rock Setting (offsite)
  3. Weekly Level-10 Meetings

Implementing the three points of the EOS meeting pulse with your team will help you to create more time, reduce your frustrations, and help your team to become consistently proactive.

Ultimately, this will help you to truly disconnect when you’re on vacation, because you’ll know that everything is on track.

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