5 Ways to Improve Accountability at Every Level of Your Organization

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I was recently in a planning session with the leadership team of an HVAC and sheet metal construction company. At one point, the owner paused to reflect on the impact EOS® has had on his company. He remarked how tremendously accountability has improved throughout the company, at every level. As we talked about the difference he saw in his business, he mentioned several key areas where accountability took a leap forward.

This business isn’t unusual. Companies that use EOS often find accountability growing throughout the organization. Here are the five ways that EOS improved accountability at every level of this business.

Everyone Is Galvanized Around a Single Goal

EOS helps your leadership team gain agreement on your 10-year target with a goal that everyone in the company can understand and contribute towards. Everyone wants the same result and works together with a common purpose.

At my client’s company, employees began challenging each other on a daily basis when they saw actions or behaviors that detracted from reaching the big goal–resulting in an increased level of accountability throughout the company.

Everyone Pulls on the Same End of the Rope

When my client began their journey with EOS, the leadership team believed that everyone in the company was well-intentioned. Their staff wanted to work in the best interests of the company, but their was a lack of consistency coming from overlapping activities and key gaps.

We implemented the EOS Accountability Chart, which defined clear roles and responsibilities. The Accountability Chart provides a blueprint for communication channels and defines who is responsible for the key functions of the organization. Now eveyrone has clarity around who has the ball and who is running with it.

Everyone Speaks the Same Language

At first, the terminology of EOS was challenging for my client because it was all new. As with anything, change can be tough at first. But EOS establishes consistent terms, which dramatically increased accountability and saved a tremendous amount of time.

Specifically, consistently using the terms 1-Year Goals, Quarterly Rocks, and Weekly Level-10 Meetings created a higher level of accountability. Everyone in the organization is now clear on their Rocks that align with the company goals for the year. If they are off-track or need help, the weekly Level-10 Meetings provide a consistent forum to get them back on track.

Right Person/Right Seat

Having a simple, clear definition for the right person in the right seat has been instrumental in their hiring and review process. The company’s Core Values have were brought to life through Quarterly 5-5-5 conversations and annual reviews with each of their employees. EOS provided consistent check-in points with every employee to make tweaks and course corrections along the way.

Before EOS, my client didn’t have consistent check-in points or a review process. They addressed issues only when they became big problems. EOS has helped them to get ahead of potential issues and nip them in the bud before they festered and grew. This higher-level accountability permeates throughout the company, starting with the leadership team.

Weekly Meetings

Before implementing EOS, the leadership team only met monthly. The very thought of meeting weekly was daunting at first. Now they can’t imagine it any other way. A consistent weekly meeting has given them a simple way to hear all of the company’s good and bad news, all at one time, from every area of the company.

The weekly meeting provides a way to review key activity-based measurables on a scorecard. The scorecard quickly shines the light on any issues that are standing in the way of keeping numbers and priorities on track.

Become Your Best Team

These are just a few of the ways that EOS has helped to improve accountability with one team. Anyone who has been through this journey knows that it takes time and effort to truly become their best.

The teams that EOS benefits most are teams who are open-minded, growth-oriented, frustrated, want help, and have a willingness to be vulnerable. Sound like your team? Get a personalized 90-Minute Meeting to find out how EOS can help your company increase accountability at every level.


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