Which EOS® Implementer Is Right for You?

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Every Certified EOS Implementer is different. We each have different gifts, experience, and insights. It’s important to hire an EOS Implementer who is a good match to your particular company – otherwise, you’ll find yourself frustrated and your business will hit the ceiling. You need someone who “gets” your company’s needs, culture, and unique challenges.

What should you look for when hiring an EOS Implementer? There’s no hard and fast rule, but here are some questions to ask as you talk with Implementers:

  • What motivates you?
  • How would you describe your style of facilitating and implementing?
  • What does your ideal client look like?

What Motivates Your Implementer?

That first question is one of the most important ones. Each EOS Implementer has his or her own motivations for helping entrepreneurial leadership teams, and it’s important that you partner with someone who is driven by the motivations that fit your core values, culture, and business needs.

For example, here’s what motivates me. I believe that a well-run organization has the ability to impact YOUR life in such a positive way that in turn you will impact the lives of your employees, clients and even your own families. This is what drives me, and this is why I help companies – to make the most positive permanent lasting change throughout the company.

Could I help YOU?

I serve teams through transformation to become their best – not just to give information! I teach, facilitate, and coach, drawing out the solutions from your team, not giving the answers. Through a calm, thorough and analytical approach, your team is kept at ease and grounded, even during the most difficult conversations.

You’ll have an Implementer who levels the playing field across owners, leaders, and family members on staff, so that everyone is heard. No one gets to pull rank.

I want my clients to get the very best experience from an EOS Implementer, so I’m picky about who I work with. If I’m not the best fit for you, I’ll connect you with another EOS Implementer or other resources to find the right fit.

The ideal clients who get the best results from me have these qualities:

SE Michigan Company

I’m based in the Metro Detroit area, and I am passionate about helping Michigan Business grow! I want Michigan businesses to be the best well-run companies, period.

Clients in Southeast Michigan get the most value, because I’m more accessible, and I can connect with them in person – and, when needed, get to see their culture in person.

Many of my clients have multiple locations that expand beyond SE Michigan, but are headquartered locally.


I most enjoy working with you if you’re a highly entrepreneurial leadership team who employs 30-300 people who are wired to grow personally and professionally. You probably have multiple locations, and you often struggle with the complexity of aligning everyone in the same direction. You’re probably spending too much effort and time trying to keep your arms around it all.

People-First, Team-First Company Culture

Your leadership team is incredibly people-centric, super appreciative and respectful – towards each other and towards their people. You want to focus on growing your people and your culture. You’re also truly committed to doing the right thing, because the team comes before self.

If you’re a company like this, you’re fun and energetic – and you’ll have fun during our full-day offsite sessions. Bursts of laughter are a normal part of our day together. You’re a team that loves to laugh, and you love to work together.

No Nonsense Here

Teams that can’t be real and honest need not apply. If you’re willing to do the tough stuff and get vulnerable, then you’ll get the best results from our work together. Your team has genuine, salt-of-the-earth people who speak what’s on their minds. Your leaders realize how important it is to be honest with each other in the moment, honest with themselves, and honest with me to experience real growth that lasts.

The teams that I work with are willing to be open, honest and vulnerable in the moment. You have the willingness to admit when you’ve screwed up, ask each other for help, and admit when you don’t have the answer. That doesn’t mean you’re good at this, but you have the willingness to do these things. You know how to put your own ego aside.

Serious About Change

You’ve got to want to become your best as a leadership team. You’ll need to appreciate it when behaviors that don’t line up are called out. Are you willing to be challenged?

Successfully implementing EOS requires commitment and a willingness to follow the process. It won’t be easy. It takes time and patience. I’ll go at your pace, but I won’t let you take shortcuts. I won’t give you the answers – I believe the answers are already in the room and I’ll draw them out of your team. You’ve been craving to solve the tough issues and you’re sick of reliving Groundhog Day.

You probably have a work ethic that inspires others. My most successful clients are fully on-board with getting dirt under their fingernails. They’re frustrated with the old way of doing things, tired of spinning their wheels, and excited about moving forward.

Not About the Money

You have a mentality of wanting to be the best at what you do. It’s not just about the money. There’s a deeper reason for why you do what you do. You’re eager to learn and grow, but you see growth as an end, not a means to greater profits. You’re driven to improve your people more than improving your profit margins. You KNOW that investing in your culture and your people first will drive better profit – not the other way around.

If you’re driven to improve lives and make a difference, you know what I’m talking about. You want to be the best in Michigan so you can make a greater impact in your communities.

What Business Results Should You Expect?

When the right client has the right Implementer, you see tremendous results. It’s not unusual to break growth records, or to see ROI that goes beyond your expectations.

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For my clients, results often look like this.


  • Thriving culture that experiences new life
  • Talent pipeline that builds itself–people start knocking on your door to work for you
  • The wrong people don’t last, and they often leave before they’re fired


  • Record profits and revenues
  • Strong cash position
  • Self-financed, not reliant on credit lines.
  • Able to make big investments into your people, processes, and systems

Control of the Business

  • The leadership team’s personal desire to give back to the community is part of the DNA of your company
  • New levels of operational successes, efficiency, and ease of management
  • Fun social and teambuilding events engage everyone at all levels
  • You’ve got the best work-life balance ever, with clear boundaries – you’re able to be fully present with family at home, and you’re energized when at work because you are spending most of your time in your Unique Ability®. Work feels like play.

Breaking Through the Ceiling

  • Strong bench of mid-level managers that frees up the leadership team
  • The leadership team becomes more strategic and creative
  • People are growing and developing at all levels

Everything Starts Working Together

  • Recognition in publications like Crain’s Detroit and Corp! Magazine, and in the local community
  • Great respect in the industry from customers and competitors alike
  • The businesss runs like a well-oiled machine, and is scaling. You’re surprised at the ease of growth you’re experiencing, and it’s amazing that you’re working fewer hours and generating better results than ever before
  • Processes and data have streamlined the business
  • You’ve learned to enjoy the process, celebrating your team’s progress along the journey

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Excited to take your business to the next level? Ready to put in some hard work, have fun and see these kinds of results? If the profile I’ve described sounds like your team and resonates with you, schedule a 15-minute discovery call. Find out how I can help your company be the best in Michigan.

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